Jennifer's recent assignments include:

  • Co-Curator of "Future Forward" - the 20-lesson program developed in collaboration between the European Commission EU Policy Lab, and TED-Ed, Brussels, Belgium.
  • Researcher/Writer, TRENDS Research & Advisory, Abu Dhabi, UAE
  • Consultant Futurist: Vision 2030, FUTERRA Consulting Group. UK
  • Consultant Futurist, Foresight Factory, London, UK
  • Consultant Futurist & Thought Leader, FUTERRA Consulting Group. UK
  • Chief Futures Researcher, Global Foresight Hub, Oxford UK
  • Futures Course Design, Research & Development: Think Tank in Tehran, Iran
  • Commissioned Futures Research, UAE Research Institute, Dubai, UAE
  • Commissioned Futures Research, Think Tank in Tehran, Iran
  • Consultant Researcher, Educational Transformations, Victoria, Australia
  • Visiting Professor & Advisor, School for Transformative Leadership, Palacký University, Czech Republic
  • Visiting Futures Researcher (CERI) SciencesPo, Paris, France
  • Commissioned Research Fundación Marcelino Botín, Santander, Spain

To check Jennifer's availability, in person or virtually: 

Email: jennifer(at)