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Global Futures Education is a platform that provides high-level online education for professionals and executives wanting to confront and manage the intensifying global challenges of the 21st Century and to find solutions that enable them to take leadership.

Global Futures Education was founded by Professor Jennifer Gidley, PhD as an extension of her international futures consultancy and almost decade-long leadership of the world’s foremost futures organisation, a UNESCO partner. Jennifer's leading-edge insights that inform and enrich the programs were developed over decades of research and are introduced in her highly successful Oxford University Press book The Future: A Very Short Introduction, now in multiple translations and required reading in university futures studies courses worldwide.

Each online course draws together over 100 learning resources including videos, articles, reports and other digital assets from a vast trove of authoritative sources. The courses are curated into a coherent, accessible matrix within a highly professional, and easy-to-use LMS Learning Platform, which can be white-labelled for organisations wanting to use their own branding.

These Courses are regularly updated, and will allow anyone to gain key knowledge and understanding that fast-tracks career opportunities and personal relevance in a rapidly changing and risky world. What makes these Courses so valuable in a crowded marketplace is the high-level, yet practical, insights that uniquely provide a balance between known exponential challenges and existing solutions.

Those who complete these Courses will join others internationally at a similarly high level, who have advanced their futures-readiness through Jennifer's co-curation of the European Commission's “Future Forward” project, run in collaboration with TED-Ed.

The Global Futures Education program comprises three comprehensive online courses totalling 36 lessons to be rolled out over 6-12 months:
1. Global Futures of Climate. LAUNCHED.
2. Global Socio-Cultural Futures. LAUNCHED.
3. Global Geo-Political Futures. LAUNCHED.

Each course includes 12 lessons. To develop critical and integrated thinking, the paradox modality is used with 50% of the lessons demonstrating the challenges and 50% introducing the counter-trends and emerging innovative solutions. Most importantly these courses provide solutions to all of the challenges we face.

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